magician objects   
four products for the magician.
The hat: for the street show in the evening the showmaster can put on the hat which gives light as soon as it goes onto his or her head.
Silk scarves: these are two scarves that look the same, but one is made out of silk and the other has a aluminium foil between two silk-layers. The second one allows you to shape the scarf and it keeps the shape.
Magic wand: the magic wand stays upright in the position you put it in. Like magic, it stays at an angle of up to 40 degrees. It can also be placed horizontally.
Egg: You can take the surprise egg home as a souvenir from the show. In it there is a hat, in the hat there is a rabbit and in the rabbit there are two mice. This is a little magic kit.
where: ECAL
when: autum '04
with: christophe marchand
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