go on, lego   
The task was to combine a handy, mp3-player and a camera into one product for the year 2007. This product was made for LEGO. In the company's style of a modular system, I added today's
technological possibilities to the classic LEGO.
The product appears in the form of stickers. There are different stickers; photo stickers, display stickers, stickers to register sounds and some with integrated speakers. The stickers are numbered.
For example, when you register something by speaking into the 'microphone' sticker and press the number of the speaker you like, the sound gets played there. The stickers can be in different rooms and you can communicate through walls in that way.
It works in a similar way with images. A picture is sent to the preferred display.
The data gets deleted when new information comes in.
To save the sounds and images, it is possible to send the data to the server.
These stickers can be used everywhere, to leave messages, as tags etc. It's not just entertainment for kids.
where: ECAL
when: autum '04
with: Pierre-Yves Dubois
material: display foil, flat speaker, microphone and camera, adhesive film
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