cola balloon / medicine   
The balloon: it is possible to inflate a balloon with the pressure of the carbonic acid in the Coca-Cola bottle. The idea was to use this effect, and I created some balloon figures that are directly integrated in the cap of the bottle.
If the cap is merely opened, the balloon becomes inflated in five minutes. If the bottle is shaken once, the balloon inflates in one second. It's a fun object, because before you don't know which figure will appear
Emergency supply coke: Originally Coca-Cola was developed as a medicine. Nowadays it still has a medical use, so a spare bottle of Coke should always be kept at home in case of sickness, lack of energy or just because you feel like drinking a Coca-Cola.
The reserve bottle can be hung up in its holder by a nail. The bottle can be clicked in and out, so it is easy to restock the reserve.
where: ECAL for Coca-Cola
when: december '04, week-project
material: balloon / metal
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