During 72 hours it was possible to book different cardboard suites in the Hotel. The suites could be booked for minimum 15 minutes - for example for a powernap - till a whole night. This unique project took place in the Gueterbahnhof Zurich (goods station).
At the reception the guests could choose their preferred room by looking at the room-models. Suite Royal, Suite Teenager, Suite Clochard, Suite Chalet, Suite Triple A and Suite Philosophe.
The hotel porter accompanied the guests to their room and brought a suitcase full of stereotyped details along. For example: the Suite Teenagers suitcase was a sporty, glossy bag that contained a lolly, a teddy bear, a diary, a walkman, a Justin Timberlake t-shirt, teeny magazines and a mini mirror ball. The architecture of the suite was build with displaced proportions (as a teenager feels himself). Low cubes, which urge for development. There were no windows, as teenagers are self-orientated, want to be left alone and communicate virtually with the world.
The guest could dive into another world and relax with foreign personal objects. The construction of the cardboard suites was built to give a specific room experience based on that specific attitude to life.
when: december '06
material: cardboard
with: lovis caputo
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